Dressed Box Skipper Dolls

Here you can see some additional photograps of Dressed Doll Boxes and Skipper doll, including Japanese Skippers. For additional pictures and detailed information on these dolls please klick on the buttons on the bottom of this page.


This beautiful blonde Skipper with lots of hair and lovely original lip paint is dressed in Dreamtime #1909 (1964 - 1966). In this dressed box set, the alarm clock was included.

This is the same outfit as pictured above (Dreamtime #1909 (1964 - 1966) w/ alarm clock), this time it came with a pretty titian pink skin Japanese Skipper in a Japanese dressed doll box. Please note the green tariff sticker.

Here you can see both of the above dressed dolls with their boxes, accessories and stands. Great to see them next to each other!

(The US American Dressed Doll Box cover is pictured on top of the Japanese).

One more pretty titian Japanese dressed box doll in her original box and with all the accessories.


Japanese dressed box dolls came with underpants.

More pictures of that girl:

Brunette Dressed Box Skipper doll which came in the outfit "Land and Sea". This doll has gorgeous red lips.

Some Test Market Skippers came as Dressed Dolls. Pictured here is a pretty blonde TM Skipper. For more info on Test Market dolls please klick on the button below.


Skipper is dressed in #1902 Silk ‘n Fancy (1964/65)

Adorable brunette SL Skipper dressed in #1901 Red Sensation (1964/65):

This redhead is a perfect example of an exceptionally pretty Dressed Box doll. She's dressed in #1907 School Days (1964 - 1966).

Another gorgeous redhead in #1905 Ballet Class/Ballet Lessons (1964/65).

One of the rarest Japanese Skippers to be found with tan skin and medium brown eyebrows. This one still has her original lippaint, which makes her even more rare. She is dressed in "Town Togs" #1922 (1965 - 1966).

All titan Dressed Doll Skippers have very shiny hair that looks oxidized. This doll is dressed in #1903 Masquerade (1964/65)

Blonde Straight Leg Skipper and her box. Skipper is dressed in "Flower Girl" #1904 (1964 - 1965).

Another stunning blonde Dressed Box Skipper in the same outfit. Please not her exceptionally pretty lips. 

Adorable super rare blonde Japanese Dressed Box Skipper. Japanese Skipper wears #1916 Rain or Shine (1965/66)

Photograph of all the regular Dressed Doll Boxes pictured above.

Mix of regular Dressed Doll Boxes and Japanese Dressed Doll Boxes.

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